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Plantar Fasciitis Treatments by Renowned Santa Monica Chiropractor

Weinzoff Chiropractic in Santa Monica specializes in treating plantar fasciitis, a condition that causes painful inflammation in the tissue near the heel. Plantar fasciitis is common among distance runners and flat-footed or overweight individuals, as well as those who spend much of the day standing or walking on hard surfaces. Ignoring plantar fasciitis may result in chronic heel pain, foot, knee, hip or back problems.

Our Premium Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Includes:

  • A detailed examination coupled with a digital X-ray
  • A customized treatment plan catered to the severity of your condition
  • Shockwave treatment that targets the bottom of the foot and heel, repairs the muscle tissue, and decalcifies heel spurs
  • Class IV Laser therapy—a photo-energy type—to decrease damage that causes inflammation
  • ArthroStim® treatment for muscle repair

How to Achieve Heel Spur Relief

With a little rest, most people can recover from plantar fasciitis. The experts at Weinzoff Chiropractic ensure that you can, too. Our treatments vary, depending on the severity of your ailment. We will first perform a full examination and digital X-ray to identify the root of your pain, then create a treatment plan catered to your particular injury. You can count on our chiropractic experts to provide you with the best care, support, and treatment in the Los Angeles area. We’re passionate about your recovery.

We are currently accepting new patients. Call our office today to set up a complementary consultation appointment and to learn more about our advanced and affordable plantar fasciitis treatment.