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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in Santa Monica

If you are suffering with Plantar Fasciitis, Weinzoff Chiropractic located in the city of Santa Monica, will save you from this painful, stubborn, repetitive foot strain. Plantar Fasciitis often attacks runners, hikers, walkers, and those who do a lot of standing on hard surfaces throughout the day. With a little rest, most people can easily recover from plantar fasciitis, but not everyone.

For severe cases, Weinzoff Chiropractic will perform a full examination, including a digital x-ray, to figure out the root of the issue. We will create a treatment plan catered to each patient’s needs and severity. You can count on our team of chiropractic experts to provide you with the best care, support and treatment, so that you may be out and about doing all the active things you love to do, without any excruciating foot pain!

Contact our office today to set up your FREE consultation appointment and to learn more about our advanced and affordable plantar fasciitis treatment. For new patients click here.

Our premium Plantar Fasciitis treatment includes:

  • A detailed examination for proper diagnosis coupled with a digital x-ray service.
  • A customized treatment plan catered to the needs and severity of your condition.
  • Shockwave treatment is conducted for the bottom of the foot and heel which repairs the muscle tissue with an acoustic energy. It also de-mineralizes heel spurs effectively.
  • Class 4 Laser treatment—a photo-energy type— is provided to decrease damage that causes inflammation.
  • ArthroStim treatment is used for muscle repair.