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Chiropractic Care for Sciatica at Trustworthy Santa Monica Practice

If you are suffering from sciatic nerve pain—tingling, numbness, pain, or weakness that starts in the lower back and radiates down to the back of your legs—Weinzoff Chiropractic has a sciatica treatment program to aid you in recovery. Chiropractic care for sciatica is one of the most effective solutions to achieve long-lasting results. Dr. Weinzoff leverages nearly 30 years of experience to methodically diagnose and treat this painful condition.

Proper diagnosis is essential to targeting the cause of your sciatica. Our sciatica treatment begins with a detailed diagnosis that illustrates the source of your pain. At our Santa Monica practice, we perform weight-bearing digital X-ray exams that can be professionally analyzed by Dr. Weinzoff. This analysis will give you a comprehensive understanding of what is going on in your body. From there, we develop a corrective treatment plan catered to the specificities of your sciatica.

Laser Therapy for Sciatic Pain

With Class IV Laser treatment, we are able to reduce disk inflammation through photo-energy. This method of laser therapy offers clients a non-invasive solution to target damaged or dysfunctional tissue. Our treatment solutions are influenced by a number of factors: age, number of years spent living with the condition, extent of denegation, and other related issues.

Effective pain management is possible and just a phone call away. Call us to set up an appointment and start your recovery today.